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Camila Fortuna


Camila Fortuna

Pixel Art

Camila Fortuna


Camila Fortuna

Character Design

Camila Fortuna

Prop Designs

Fast Food Props - Various Styles
Kirby Cake

Camila Fortuna

Killer Looks (2019-)

Killer Looks is a story by both Taneka Stotts and I, we decided to launch an enamel pin series from.
We made Kickstarter showcasing Enamel Pin Designs that successfully funded and shipped to all the pledgers in 2019.
You can see our Kickstarter campaign here

Enamel Pin Designs

Final Product Photos

Animations (Promotion Work)

Additional Concept Art & Artwork

Camila Fortuna

Character Design

Undisclosed Animated Series Pitch

Working alongside Emmy-Nominated and Eisner Winner and TV Writer & Creator Taneka Stotts

Unannounced Visual Novel

Art Director and Lead artist for Indie Visual Novel Game with LGTBQIA+ Themes (Unannounced/Work in Progress)

Misc Client Character Design Work

Camila Fortuna

3d Texture Artist for Mooco TV (2023)

3d Textures for promo animation for mobile game (title to be disclosed on release)
Done in Paint Tool SAI 2 and Adobe Substance Painter

Mochix Hidden Object Game

Background and Prop Design

Letrapaluza 3 (2018)

UI Art & Design.
Letrapaluza 3 is one in a series of educational rhythm games made for state issued/funded school tablet pc Ceibal.
Downloadable for free here

Lengua Laberinto (2013)

Colorist, Asset Production and Game Design Consultant.
Pencil Art & World Design by Uruguayan Children's book artist VerĂ³nica Leite.
Lengualaberinto is an educational adventure game made for state issued/funded school tablet pc Ceibal.
Downloadable for free here

Sparkling Amber (2013)

Colorist, Asset Production and Game Design Consultant.
Big Fish Games downloadable demo here

PlayFirst Inc.

Garden Dash (2010)

Art Direction, Character Design, HUD/UI Design, Metamap, Screens, Plant animations, General Art

Hotel Dash: Suite Success (2009)

Art Direction, Background, UI Design, Metamap, Screens, General Art.
Available on Steam here

Camila Fortuna

Comic Cover

IDW Publishing

Camila Fortuna

Sugar Parlour Grenade (2019)

5 page Comic Showcase & Pitch+Character Design Commission

Hiveworks' Valor II Anthology (2018)

"The Princess without a Reflection" 14 Page Comic

Nueverso: Origins-Ariete!!! (2015)

Short comic Commission

Camila Fortuna

Client Work In Progress

Vampire Blood Drive

Logo Commission for Mira Ong Chua for their comic Vampire Blood Drive that was successfully crowfunded trough Kickstarter, see here

Tri City Monsters

Tri City Monsters is an 18+ Indie Supernatural Visual Novel Dating Sim in development here

Other Client Logos

Camila Fortuna


Client Work Illustration

Camila Fortuna


Sketchs & Roughs

Camila Fortuna


Camila Fortuna is an artist with a 10+ year experience working in different media and roles which include: Art Direction, Video game Art, Comic Art, Advertising, Product Design, Merchandise, Character Design, Background & Prop Design, among other roles.
Camila enjoys the challenge of adapting and creating styles for each project as she finds the challenge fun and has experience achieving the desired outcome.
Camila is currently open for freelance and/or full-time work.


You can reach out to me here: